European Institutes for Sustainable IT

Purpose of Sustainable IT

Rethinking digital technologies aims to create a digital world that is sustainable for the planet, beneficial to the greatest number of people in a fair sharing of the value created. This operating principle is based on the 3Ps, the three pillars of sustainable IT: People, Planet, Prosperity.

Who we are

The aim of ISIT Europe is to bring together companies, organizations and individuals, and help them succeed their digital transition while reducing the environmental and social footprint of their IT services and usages. Thanks to the support of our members and of public authorities, we promote digital technologies and services that are more sustainable, inclusive and ethical.

The project was born in France in 2014 with a group of large companies that wanted to work on the environmental footprint of digital technology (Green IT). In 2018, the Institute for Sustainable IT association was created in France. The network is now composed of three non-profit organisations in Belgium, France and Switzerland. More than 200 organisations (large companies, SMEs, local authorities, schools, universities, NGOs) are members of this network.

ISIT Belgium

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT is a think and do tank founded in 2020, based on its French equivalent the INR. The ISIT BE has more than 50 members.

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INR France

Created in 2018, the INR France has more than 100 members and is helped in its action especially by The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, ADEME, Ministery of Environment and Interministerial Digital Direction.

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INR Switzerland

The Swiss Institute for Sustainable IT is a non-profit association founded in 2021 in partnership with the French INR and the Belgian ISIT. The swiss ISIT is present in the french part of Switzerland and intend to develop initial-scale action to the whole country. In 2022, it has more than 25 members. › Find out more

Our projects


This tool enables any type of organisation to measure the footprint of their information system, to analyse where the impacts are and to measure their level of Sustainable IT maturity, based on the triptych People-Planet-Prosperity.

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Sustainable IT MOOC

The Sustainable IT MOOC consists of 4h30 of video, text and interactive content. It offers theoretical knowledge to master the fundamentals of the Sustainable IT Approach.

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Sustainable IT Certificate

At the end of the MOOC, you have the possibility to take an exam, in the form of online MCQs, to obtain the Sustainable IT Knowledge Certificate, attesting to the mastery of the fundamental knowledge of the Sustainable IT approach.

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Sustainable IT Charter

The charter summarises the commitments made by the signatory to move towards a more Sustainable IT approach. Although this approach is not subject to audit, it commits each signatory, in a public manner, to do everything possible to enter into a Sustainable IT approach.

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Sustainable IT Label

The Sustainable IT label, created by the French INR, is a validation factor for the global sustainable IT approach of the organisation and the motivation of the IT teams.The Sustainable IT Label demonstrates the professionalism of your Sustainable IT implementation, that’s why the labeling process is quite demanding.

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To shed light on the impacts linked to our overconsumption of digital technology, the ISIT has created a calculator that allows us to simply calculate our professional digital impact. The Version 1.1 of the calculator was deployed in July 2022 with updated indicators and the addition of new sections to refine the calculation.

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Sustainable IT Services Design Handbook

The ambition is to allow the greatest number of organisations to acquire the right methods to develop digital services in a responsible way, by responding to the People, Planet, Prosperity challenges. This reference framework is composed of 491 recommendations divided into 8 families of a digital service design project.

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Digital Experts Directory

The ISIT network in Europe launches the directory of sustainable IT experts. This tool aims to facilitate the search for qualified profiles able to support the structuring and development of the sustainable IT approach of organisations.

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